Discovery Call

We really want to get to know you and your business. What do you want to achieve? Who are your target audience? A no-commitment discovery call is a great way to get these answers and to find out whether we're a good fit to work together. We'll also answer any questions you have for us about the whole process.


If you've decided you would like to work with us, that's great! There's no time for celebration though. It's time to get stuck right in with the pre-production process.

This is where we'll really delve into your business and assist with strategy if needed. How can we increase your sales or conversions? What key messages or CTAs do we need to get across in your video content?

We'll also begin planning the shoot in terms of locations, equipment, talent and schedules.


It's lights, camera, action! We'll get together a crew who will turn up with the right equipment to get the job done. We own our own range of industry-leading cameras, lenses, lights, microphones, electronic stabilisers and drones.

Whether it's a single camera-operator on a half-day shoot, or a larger crew on a multiple day production, we'll be ready and roaring to go.

It's usually a great day for all involved, and a perfect opportunity to capture some behind-the-scenes content for your socials.


This is where the magic happens. It's often the most time-consuming stage where we fiddle with even the tiniest of details.

After an agreed time period, we'll provide a first draft, collate the feedback, and provide the second version. It's then time for any final amendments before we send over the final masterpiece.

It's all about collaboration here. We'll be back and forth with you to make sure the final film comes out exactly how you want it.

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